Top Destinations of Best Beaches in Indonesia

If you want to find untouchable best beaches, Indonesia has offer white-sand secretly beaches in entire islands. Surrounding by almost 17.000 islands, no wonder its has many wonderful beaches and best diving spot for you, instead of visiting famous beaches in Bali. I made this list, not just want to show you tropical paradise in Indonesia, but also become my wishlist to travel there. So, here’s 12 Top List of Best Beaches in Indonesia:

1. Derawan island

As reported in The Jakarta Post, this is the favourite place in all of Borneo (including the Malaysian section) of the local Lonely Planet author Muhammad Cohen. It is located in archipelago of derawan, district of derawan, regency of berau, east borneo. there is a sea park around the coast and it is well known as a place for diving, with its depth around five meters. we can find multifarious kind of sea biota here, cuttlefish, lobster, ghostpipe fish, bluering octopus, nudibranchs, seahorses, ribbon eels and scorpionfishes, you also can see turtle directly. Try to explore pulau Maratua, Nabucco, Kakaban, pulau gusung and pulau Sangalaki.

2. Karimun Jawa, Central Java

Nestled between Central Java and South Kalimantan is this island chain. Again, a range of accommodation – many including all meals – is available. Or if you really want to get away from it all, you can live 1 km offshore on a fishing platform!

3. Belitung Island, Sumatera

Its beach initially well known by locals when it became location of “Laskar Pelangi’ movie. There are artistic granite, clear sea water, and white sandy. Of course, this is not found in other places. If you already traveled to Khai Island, Phuket, then this nature conditions has a similarity with Belitong Beach.

4. Gili Meno, Part of Gili Island

Gili Meno – one of the three Gili Islands, off the NW coast of Lombok – runs a close second, if only because walking and lying on parts of the beach which are covered by sharp shell fragments. You can get there by ferry from the nearest mainland town of Bangsal or direct from Padangbai, Bali.

5. Tanjung Bira

Located in regency of bulukumba, South Sulawesi. Tanjung bira is well known because of its white beautifull sands and clear water, it is good place for swimming and seeing the sunrise or sunset.

6. Morotai Island, Papua

Morotai Island is an island in the Halmahera group of eastern Indonesia’s Maluku Islands. It is one of Indonesia’s northernmost islands. The unique attraction of diving here is the many World War 2 relics that still dot the marine landscape. Some really nice beaches too like Dodola Beach.

7. Mentawai island

An island in west Sumatra. Its culture and nature stills original. The tall wave can be used for surfing.

8. Togean Island

The Togean/ Togian Islands are an archipelago of 56 islands and islets, in the Gulf of Tomini, off the coast of Central Sulawesi, in Indonesia. Island-hop from one forested golden-beach beauty to the next, where hammocks are plentiful, the fish is fresh and the welcome is homey. Most islands have only one or two family-run guesthouses that can accommodate just a few people, while popular Kadidiri has a small but lively beach scene with night-time bonfires and cold beers all around. The surrounding sea of Teluk Tomini is still recovering from its past brushes with cyanide and dynamite fishing, but the corals are coming back and most divers and snorkellers are thrilled with the rich diversity of marine life they find. (how to get there see :

9. Banda Island

The central islands – Pulau Neira (with the capital Bandaneira sprinkled with relics) and Pulau Banda Besar (the great nutmeg island) – curl in picturesque crescents around a pocket-sized tropical Mt Fuji (Gunung Api, 666m). Outlying Hatta, Ai and Neilaka each have utterly undeveloped picture-postcard beaches.The central islands – Pulau Neira (with the capital Bandaneira sprinkled with relics) and Pulau Banda Besar (the great nutmeg island) – curl in picturesque crescents around a pocket-sized tropical Mt Fuji (Gunung Api, 666m). Outlying Hatta, Ai and Neilaka each have utterly undeveloped picture-postcard beaches.

10.  Pantai Trikora

The main beach is Pantai Trikora, which is pretty enough at high tide but turns into miles of mud flats at low tide. The beaches to the north around Malangrupai have more consistent water. The small islands off Pantai Trikora are well worth visiting and there is good snorkelling outside the monsoon season (November to March). Accommodation is laid-back and simple, and the area is an easy-going contrast to the flasher resorts on Bintan’s northern coast. If you’ve been doing some hard travelling through Sumatra, here’s your chance to regroup and recharge.

11.  Weh Island, Aceh

The BBC says Pulau Weh in Aceh is the next great location for diving enthusiasts. As mentioned in my previous article, the BBC World News show Fast Track featured Indonesia recently. A story about Acehnese tourism five years after the tsunami was surprisingly positive. It featured some of the dive sites near Pulau Weh, a small island off the coast of Aceh, the northernmost province of Sumatera.

12.  Kei Island


Kei islands, Maluku – Indonesia is one of the best beaches in the world by lonely planet. There’s a growing chorus that says these remote white-sand beaches are the finest the world has to offer. Development has been slow around the Kai archipelago, so the beaches remain unspoilt and as nature intended.

My Top #1 Beach : KEI ISLAND!!!!

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