Train from Kuala Lumpur to Hat Yai for backpacker

Train Kuala Lumpur (KL) to Phuket (Hat Yai)
is fun! going to go to a remarkable holiday by doing backpacker from Malaysia to Thailand? yes, I am! here’s my detail itinerary, about backpacker from kuala lumpur to phuket by sleeper train 🙂

sep 20, 2011

me and my friends are started to go to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from Jakarta by Air Asia. really excited tough, coz we’ve got ticket promo for only IDR 340,000 for return way! 😀

so this is where we began our trip:

  1. our plane has arrived on LCCT Airport on 8.30 early morning. so after checking some stuff immigration counter, and bagagges, we’re looking for SkyBus to go to KL Sentral. (SkyBus is a shuttle bus service from LCCT to KL Sentral. It officially from Air Asia too and it costs is $9. there are many schedules to go to KL sentral in every 30-minutes.  you don’t have to worry about it. So, after we buy the ticket, and we’re directly go into it).
  2. Skybus takes about an hour to go to KL Sentral.
  3.  When you decided to go to Phuket (Thailand) by train, you have to know that your first destination is Hatyai.  There’s an intercity direct train from KL to Hat Yai (Southern Thailand). therefore, go to “Intercity KTM” counter, and buy ticket “Senandung Langkawi” which is about MYR 54 for sleeper. The schedule is only once a day, on 21.10 pm, and will arrived at 10.12 am (Kuala Lumpur time). we suggest that you should buy the ticket very fast as you can, because the seat really limited tough.
  4. after arrives in Hat Yai, go to the nearest tour and travel office you’ve see. you will get many destinations from Hat Yai. and don’t forget to bargain the price, because they will offer you a high price. (i’ve got price about THB 450 from Hat Yai to Phuket, with 24-seats of mini bus).
  5. the journey from Hatyai to Phuket takes about 6-7 hours if using a mini bus. when arrives at its tour and travel office, i suggested you to go to your hotel destinations by Tuk-tuk/Taxi. and don’t forget to bargain again.

Maybe for some reason, i do not recommend this route, because it really takes lots of time. but, if you like to doing some adventures, you have to try this route 🙂
fyi, the total hour(s) from Malaysia to Phuket is 20 hours! It begin from Kuala Lumpur to Hatyai and then from Hatyai to Phuket. wew, what a waste but it’s fun!!
for the detail itinerary of my day in phuket will be continued in different post, and will be written on Bahasa Indonesia. 🙂

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